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My day job may be exhausting, but cooking is my peace. -Chrissy Teigen

Do I really start my first blog post with a Chrissy Teigen quote? Shouldn’t I use someone with more cooking chops like Julia Child or Anthony Bourdain?

Hi. My name is Liz. And when I’m clocked out, I’m cooking.

I need cooking for probably the same reasons you do: To turn it all off, to check out, to EAT, to slip into that aromatic world of zen that can only be disturbed when my husband is blocking the utensil drawer or when I trip over the dog. But even those things have become part of the process.

That is what this blog is for, who this blog is for: For people who truly enjoy cooking after a long day of work. It is your escape, it is the way you tell your family “I’m home now and I love you.” For the people who look at what is leftover and try to reimagine it to create something new and delicious.

It’s silly, but I do relate to that quote. My job is a typical 9-5er in the world of finance based in my home state, New Jersey. All of that can be intense, fast-paced, and loud. I didn’t grow up to be an illustrator, nor do I work for NASA, SNL, Random House, or for a marine biology research lab like I dreamed of when I was younger (my career aspirations were clearly varied and changed often.) I don’t hate my job, and I’m surprisingly good at what I do. But it’s just that- it’s my job. “Quittin’ time” is a thing. I still need that creative outlet and cooking food happens to be it. And it tastes good.

So if you’re like me and you ache for the moment when you can log off, snake your way through rush-hour just to get home and rifle through the refrigerator to see how you can make yesterday’s take-out into something new and delicious, stick around.