Goodbye, September

Okay, so three months since my last blog post. Definitely staying on track with my goal of posting more! Good on me…

Since my last entry, the garden has come down to a slow close. Our tomatoes this year were not nearly as plentiful as last year. Too much rain it seems. The plants are now twigs with the last few remaining tomatoes clinging on for dear life, hoping an absent minded breeze doesn’t knock them off what we are now generously call the “vine.”

Fallen tomatoes left to ripen on the windowsill

The pepper plant is kicking and we got lots of action from that! We still have baby peppers coming as we approach October which is fine in my book. Oh, and that celery plant? It looks half dead, but not? I have no idea what it is doing, but I’m going to let it be for now.

What is doing the best in the garden is my pumpkin plant. One Cinderella pumpkin has been harvested with three others growing which look buttery and gorgeous. I think one normal, traditional pumpkin is also coming in, still hard to tell at this point. And the garlic I planted back in March has spouted again! Just in time to get them going before I transfer them into the garden on All Souls Day.

Over the past few months I’ve made plump and crusty sourdoughs, from-scratch pastas, refrigerator pickles, earthy lentil curries, and a Cajun shrimp rice bowl that is very reminiscent of Shrimp Newburg, or as my siblings and I called it growing up: Shrimp, rice, and cheese. Pronounced as two words in one breath. “Shrimp ricean’cheese.”

Cajun shrimp

Now we are approaching the cooler months, which are my favorite, as you well know by now. I remember in college while studying transcendentalism, that whole magical writer’s movement of Emerson and other writers, my professor said romantics like autumn best. And not romantics like the listless, hopeless romantics staring dreamily out their window. Romantics as in the writers and poets of American Romanticism. It has a lot to do with individualism, the Self, and finding beauty in nature, death, rebirth- stuff like that. Annnnnyway. All this means is my love for fall comes from a different place than just liking pumpkin spice. Which, admittedly, I do. What about it?

Welcome autumn

What can you expect from me as we wrap up the year. Well, to come there will be lots of my favorite foods: Baked dishes, comforting soups, and warming stews. The cooler months have no time or warrant for salads, come on now. Everything we prepare to eat should feel like being wrapped in a warm blanket knit for us by someone we love. That’s my fall/winter food philosophy.

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