January Updates

Hello one and all!

Weren’t you all just waiting on baited breath for the next blog update from yours truly? No? Well, that certainly makes more sense. Considering this blog has all but been neglected for some time now. I’ll address that in a moment. But anyway!

Twenty-twenty! Here we are. I’m sure many of us are approaching this New Year with the illuminated hope of new beginnings, goals, aspirations, intentions. All of this is rooted in some really good stuff. I myself have never been a “resolutions” person because, frankly, I’ve never been great at keeping them. But my idol, icon, and all around hero, Lauren Toyota, said the other day that she is all about setting “intentions” for 2020. I don’t know if it’s my mindset, the matching numbers in 2020 (so tidy and clean) or being settled in my thirties, but dang if I’m not all about intentions right now. 

This post actually should have been made two weeks ago, but hey. Sometimes it takes us a second to get into that mindset. And if you would indulge me, I’m here to share some intentions of my own.

 Blog post more! This is for two reasons: The first is to work my writing muscles since my job is in an industry where less is more and elaborate vocabulary is not appreciated or desired. Which, hey! I get it. But I need somewhere to let this out. The second reason is forward thinking. I’d be a fool to think that Instagram is going to be around forever. I can’t rely on that as my only source of sharing recipes, food photos, etc. The blog, however, is tried and true! So I’m leaning into it.
 Be more thoughtful about my recipes. Up until now I am the kind of cook who looks in the refrigerator and pulls out whatever is in there to make a meal. Which is great for so many reasons: reduces food waste, gets the creative juices flowing, and is fun! But I would like to be more organized. Plan some of our meals ahead of time so I can let you guys know what is in store for the week/month and curate recipes as oppose to throwing them together. Again, not always a bad thing.
 Get to know filming a bit better. Years ago, in a previous life it feels, I dabbled in indie film. Mainly acting and some production aspects. I never got heavy into the filming aspect though. I never learned how to edit film or even get behind the camera. So that is something I intend to do in 2020. Which, more details on that to come. Once I, you know, figure out what the heck it is I am actually doing.
 Outsource more! This also ties into the filming part. I can’t do everything on my own nor should I. Because I don’t KNOW how to do everything. So asking for help is a big part of that. We don’t need to be good at everything, so it’s important to reach out and “network” (ugh) to the people who do!

Alright. I think that is enough for now. So please, stay tuned and keep checking in and reading. I’ll have a lot food photos and recipes as well as personal updates. Would you be into that? As always, thank you so much for checking in and staying with me. I started Clocked out and Cookin’ only this past summer and am so thrilled with the growth it has already seen. The page reached1,000 followers over on IG and it’s allowed me to make some great connections with other home cooks. I’m even more excited to explore where else this can go in 2020.

Let’s get cooking!

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